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Ten advantages of solar street lamp controller

Ten advantages of solar street lamp controller:
1, with the discharge rate correction control, the divergence discharge rate has a different termination voltage, suitable battery inherent characteristics.
2, the use of digital LED display and settings, a one button operation to complete all settings, the use of convenient and intuitive
3. All controls adopt industrial chip and close component, can run normally in cold, high temperature, wet environment. Use crystal oscillator to control at the same time, make time abstemious, more accurate.
4, the charging circuit adopts double MOS series control circuit, the circuit voltage using the diode circuit loss is reduced nearly half, charging by PWM trance control, make a substantial increase in the efficiency of electricity charging, time is greatly increased.
5, two kinds of load mode: light control, normally open mode, the load is bright, time is adjustable.
6, the parameter setting has the power down retention function, namely system model and control parameter and so on important data all retains in the chip interior, after losing electricity, does not lose, causes the adjustment to be more convenient, the system work is more reliable.
7, the scientific management mode of the battery, when there is put, the battery charging voltage for a promotion, for the maintenance of normal use, use direct charging and float charging combination, strengthen the life of the battery; and it has high precision temperature compensation, the charge control is more accurate.
8, with over charge and discharge, overload protection and short-circuit protection and strange electronic anti care care, all are harmless to any parts, fuse with TVS; lightning protection protection, jumperless design, which can improve system reliability and durability.
9, use microprocessor and special control algorithm, realized intelligent control.
10, LED display the status of the solar battery, the battery and the load, the digital display parameters, allowing users to understand the running condition of the system, but also has rich set parameters, the user can according to their differences by setting the corresponding mode of working environment.

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