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Install solar street lights

1, apply the rich countryside.
Solar street lights are very popular at this time, but in the expensive environment, we can use solar street lamps. This environment has already begun to be implemented in many areas at this time. At this stage, we suggest where to use solar street lamps?
2, the mountain road installation of solar street fire fighting fit.
At the moment, many rural areas have installed solar street lamps. Although the price is expensive, there is still a lot of electricity left in the end. Not only can protect the environment, but also a great help to the city.
3, the city installed solar street lamps. A good product should be used on the edge of the knife
As the mountain power project is fighting big, but at night to go out and walk around the environment is also fighting much, careless will seriously threaten the safety of the people. It is always appropriate to install solar street lamps on this road. At the moment, the first tier cities have been fitted with solar street lights.


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