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There is a problem with the angle adjustment of solar panels

1, the solar panel angle adjustment problems, resulting in solar panels charging efficiency is low.
The correct angle adjustment of solar panels follows the simple principle: direct sunlight into solar panels, which is the most efficient. In different places, the solar panel can refer to the tilt angle of local latitude, how much is the latitude, solar panels on how many horizontal tilt angle, so for different latitude and different roads, solar panels with adjustable angle is very critical.
2, the installation of local shelter is too much, leading to solar panels charging efficiency decline.
Such as leaves, buildings and other shelter, shelter light, affecting the absorption and utilization of light energy.
3. Solar panels are placed under wires, branches, light poles, or other barriers, leaving a shadow on the solar panel during the day.
Because the battery solar panels are generally multi string, if there is a shadow of battery solar panels on a string, and the shadow is deep, serious, this is equivalent to a circuit breaker, and the solar panel is more than 1 and if on, the solar panel will not power
4, site personnel will not correctly use the project remote control, parameter setting error led to no lights.
According to many on-site understanding, some construction personnel feedback, I do not know the function of this remote control, use, in short, a mess, lit, regardless of the. In fact, this time it might have set parameters wrong, leading to abnormal lighting.
5, the two sides mounted lights, solar panels face to face tilt.
For the sake of beauty, the installer may install the solar panel face to face symmetrically, but if one side is right, then the other side must be wrong. On the wrong side, the charge will be lowered as the light is not directed to the solar panel.
6. Extend the connecting line of solar panel at will;
Some positions due to the installation of solar panels to interfere too much, simply put the solar panel and the lamp from a long distance, some customers are divided into 10 metres or longer distance, and then casually in the market to buy two core wires connected to this trouble. As a result of the general market wire quality itself is not very good, plus on-line distance pull very long, line loss is very large, so the charging efficiency will be reduced a lot, leading to lighting time affected.
7, in the solar panels next to the reference light source, resulting in solar panels charging voltage above the light control voltage point, unable to light.
For example: there are other lights, solar street lamp next to the night, beside the street lights, LED solar panel solar street lamp light source is detected mistake during the day, then the controller can control the lights will not let.
8. Solar panels are charged indoors;
Some customers will put solar lights installed in the parking area and convenient parking at night, but also put solar panels on the inside, so that the charging effect naturally greatly reduced, we can use the indoor outdoor charging, discharge, and separation of the solar panel lamp installation.


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