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Introduction of scenery complementary solar energy street lamp

Unlike ordinary solar street lamp with wind, wind and solar power as the main power on the deployment of the sun from the present in business, won the love and approval by many. Wind power and light energy can be used together to complement power generation operations, which is beyond the illusion of street lights. In fact, in the actual use of the process, the use of this new power lamp has also played a very outstanding use effect.
Close touch, a wind, solar energy has advantages, we can from the following points, the analysis of one or two.
Beautify influence
As a scenic Street contact times, on the production design, influence on environment, many small parts manufacturers of the routine can be applied to improve the wind power, solar lights flash in front of the public and to be able to show a strange posture to beautify. Of course, in addition to beautify the surrounding environment, another feature of wind energy and solar energy is its environmental protection ability, in appearance and use features complement each other under what seemed like solar street lamp is not prominent also can therefore bring the external and internal of the dedication to the surrounding area.
Cost down
Because it has two kinds of power generating ability, so in the application, not only can be useful to decrease power consumption by large degree, with the solar street lights in the two generation can be used, also abandoned the cable cost cost is higher, so the situation of wind and solar street lamps to use also in the application process the transmission line, save unnecessary cost and power consumption, which is the most practical value of wind energy and solar energy.


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