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Solar streetlight debugging

No matter the size of the solar street lamp, weak performance or not, in the device, in order to test the street life to life, as well as its maintenance control effect, use for a detailed debugging operation, so it can ensure the solar street lamp in the use process, does not appear because of unexpected situations the crisis in the subsequent application.
Control and debug points
First we need a control system for solar street lamp for a detailed debugging operation, on the kind of lighting in different season of the equipment, its open and closed source control and climate change occurred in a situation together. If you use solar street lights in summer, then the controller will need to close the lights in the morning when the weather is gray and bright, and once in the evening, you need to open at the right moment. Because of the presence of open and closed procedures, the solar control system will show such a major effect.
Voltage, accumulator
In addition to the control system, solar street lighting is also a very practical application of lighting equipment, the use of its battery power, there is always a certain need. When the battery charging operation, or is unable to absorb electric energy and control system in the street will be closed on time, so can maintain the battery voltage in stable support, automated manipulation and not easily attack damage.
Of course, the solar street lamp debugging operation is not limited to the above two points, but from the perspective of protection practice and security needs, only the debugging operation can guarantee a safe in the street can persist in the process of using the situation.


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