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What are the criteria for the selection of lamp manufacturers

What is the composition of high pole lamp, high pole lamp manufacturers choose the standard?
Lamp: generally refers to a new type of lighting device 15 meters above the conical steel pole and high power combined lamp bracket. The utility model is composed of a lamp cap, an internal lamp, an electric, a rod body and a basal part. The lamp cap molding can be specified according to the users requirements, the surrounding environment and the lighting needs; the interior lamps are composed of floodlight and projection lamp; the light source adopts NG400 high pressure sodium lamp, and the illumination radius is 60 meters. The rod body is generally a pyramid shaped single body structure, made of rolled steel plates, with a height of 15 to 40 meters, and is composed of two to three sections.
How to choose the lamp manufacturers, first, to have a business license, qualification certificate, to factory inspection, seeing the real. Second, is to have the experience of the manufacturers, with engineering cases can see, third, to watch the production workshop, the work flow, a factory as long as the goods are all the others to do good, you can rest assured to cooperate with him,
Yangzhou Kailaide Amperex Technology Limited is located in the beautiful scenery of the ancient city of Yangzhou City, the traffic is very convenient. The factory has the production of various lamps and lighting products, the products sell well throughout the country, trusted by the vast numbers of users and welcome.
Our main products are high pole lamp, LED lamp, street lamp, lithium battery solar hybrid street light, traffic signal lamp etc..
We are in line with the tenet of "quality first, reputation first, customer first", and the tenet of "survive by quality, benefit from management", and provide high quality service to our new and old customers.


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