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Calculation method of solar street lamp battery

Such as: solar street lighting manufacturers street lighting every night 9.5 hours, the practice of full load lighting for 7 hours (H);
Example 1: 1 way LED lights
(such as 7:30 at night, 100% power, night 11:00 to 50% power, 4:00 in the morning after the 100% power, 5:00 in the morning closed)
Example two: 2 way non LED lamp (low pressure sodium lamp, electrodeless lamp, energy saving lamp, etc.)
For example, the night opens at 7:30, the road is closed at 11:00, and the 1 is at 4:00. It opens at 2 in the morning and is closed at 5:00 in the morning
Need 5 consecutive days of sunshine, lighting needs. (5 days, plus rain, one night before lighting, 6 days)
Storage battery = 5A * 7h * (5+1) days = 5A * 42h=210 AH
The other in order to avoid the battery overcharge and over discharge, battery charge to 90% or so; 5% - 20% at the mercy of the remaining discharge. So 70%85% standard 210AH is only at the mercy of real use. Also according to the load is not the same as the measured practice practice job loss, street lamp solar street lamp manufacturers by the current constant current source, ballast, loss and so on, perhaps adding about 15%-25% based on 5A.
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