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Development of solar street lamps

In early 1980s, the State Council made Chinese solar street planning, but for a long time past closed and lack of understanding of the state of the world, solar street lights appeared in doubt repeated introduction of occupation and scattered, the 33 units are not the same degree of the introduction of a variety of solar street lamp production line equipment, the final completion of the real put into use only a few lines. In February 1989, Chinese held IC industrial development strategy seminar, clear focus on construction Huajing group company, Hua Yue Microelectronics Co. Ltd., Shanghai belling Microelectronics Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Shanghai PHILPS semiconductor company and Shougang Co., Ltd. 5 backbone company. But until 1995, China had less than 1% of the worlds output and sales of solar street lamps, and the distance from the worlds advanced countries was even greater
In 1995, "908 project" 6 inches produce a line to begin construction, after January 1998 through foreign contract examination, this is from the 0.9 micron production line that lucent science and technology company introduces, it is Chinas first 6 inches chip production line. After the implementation of the 908 project, the Beijing integrated circuit design base and other 18 units as the 908 project commitment unit has been carried out, China IC design industry began to start. But the slowness of the move undermined the projects role as a catalyst for Chinas integrated circuit industry and even the information industry. In February 1999, the "909 project" is completed, the skill level to 0.35 microns -0.24 microns, produced 64 and 128 MB of memory SDRAM reached the world mainstream level. "909" project is Chinas first 8 inch deep submicron production line, and its completion and production, marking Chinas integrated circuit production skills into the 8 inches, deep sub micron world mainstream level.
Since the beginning of 2000, Chinas integrated circuit industry has entered a new period of rapid growth. In June 24, 2000 the State Council issued the "several guidelines encourage the software industry and integrated circuit industry development" (Guo Fa No. 18), September 20, 2001, the State Council to state the letter [2001]51 letter, the integrated circuit industry guidelines are supplemented and perfected. No. 18 document from encouraging industrial development, tax relief, preferential investment, import and export policy, accelerated depreciation of equipment, supporting research and development, strengthen personnel training, encouraging equipment localization and intellectual property maintenance and other aspects of the implementation of the preferential policy of integrated circuit. According to incomplete statistics, from 2000 to 2007, the funds invested in Chinas integrated circuit industry reached about 29 billion U. s.dollars. The total investment during this period was about 9 times that of Chinas integrated circuit industry, which was invested more than 30 years in 2000. A large amount of investment has directly contributed to the rapid expansion of the scale of Chinas integrated circuit industry and the rapid improvement of its skill level in recent years.
Beginning in 2000, the Ministry of information industry led the implementation of the "China core" project, and vigorously support the development of IC products with independent intellectual property rights. In the 863 program, the Ministry of science and technology organized a special project for integrated circuit design. During the implementation of the 863 project integrated circuit design, the construction of 7 industrial bases for integrated circuit design in Beijing, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Xian and Chengdu has achieved major development.


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