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About us
Chairmans speech:
We are honest with the officials! Please believe us, we have 10 years of experience in production of LED, we design the lamp is novel, if you know, Youll see. what we say is the truth, we will carefully do make you satisfied, will carefully for each one of the newest and best products you recommend! If you have any need or complaint, please send me a message via the WeChat QR code below
1, quotation, service:
We can serve customers through QQ, E-mail, written and postal service. If there is a new version, the company will use it for the first time
Notify clients on the way
2, the company services: A; LED: LED street lamp module city landscape lighting series, traffic lights,
A display screen, traffic signs, traffic intelligent computer system development, photovoltaic solar street lamp series, large steel parts processing, etc.
3, to undertake the project: LED building lighting, LED lighting, display screen, bridge communication, traffic lights lamp, combination lamp, courtyard lamp,
Lawn lamp, landscape lamp, floodlight, traffic signal lamp, square lighting, luxury lamp design, 3D animation design scheme and
Can undertake hundreds of millions of Yuan lighting project installation
4, the quality of credibility guarantee: we have a first-class R & D team, design team, production team, installation team, sales team
6, our slogan: let you use the heart of the lamp


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