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  Jiangsu Bo Siwei Optoelectronics group is a large group specializing in outdoor lighting and road intelligent transportation development,which has five production enterprises,three of which are manufacturing enterprises,one construction enterprise、one R&D institution,our group is the first-class enterprise,high-tech enterprise at State lever and CMMA software enterprise in Jiangsu province,  Group has the following qualifications: the Second level installation qualification of street lamp construction,Electronic intelligence secondary qualification,Security first class qualification, Computer system integration first-class qualification, the Highway traffic safety secondary qualification,the highway Mechatronics secondary qualification,famousbrand products in Jiangsu province.

Group is located in the beautiful historical and cultural city of Yangzhou in the Northern suburb of Gaoyou and only Huizu township Lingtand optoelectronics industrial park in Jiangsu province,Group long-term focus on new LED lamps, new light pole development,group in strict accordance with the ISO9001&2008 international quality management system,Company in 2011 to develop breakthroughs in LED optical and solar photovoltaic development research,products have passed the CE certification, CCC certification, CQC certification, ISO9002 certification, 14001 certification, CQC certification, and a number of patents and national and certificates, testing reports.Traffic lights pass multiple national test reports and certificates.

Group continues to introduce talents to research and develop the performance of products.After many years of experience accumulation and technology improvement,our solar and LED street light products have been well ensured in appearance,heat dissipation,luminance decrease and luminosity.

Our group has these products as following: LED series: LED Hurdle lamp, traffic lights, display screen, traffic signs, traffic intelligent computer system development, high power LED lights, photovoltaic power system of solar street lamp series. Our group undertakes Urban intelligent lighting, EMC Municipal energy-saving lighting project management mode, LED bridge lighting, display screen of cities and highways, Traffic light communication, high-pole lamp, combination lamp, garden lamp, building lighting, lawn lamp, landscape lamp, floodlight, mobile traffic alarm signal lamp,Design of luxurious lamp for square lighting,the design of city 3D lighting animation 、installation and maintenance, and SMT OEM.

Our group adhering to the spirit of "service first, quality first, reputation first", only development can survive, only innovation can grow. Bo Siwei group will combine technology, resources and human capital as the spirit of innovation, guided by scientific management, cohesion of staff, customers together, adhere to the marketing as the leader, technology innovation and capital operation for the wings, multiple development ideas.Welcome domestic and foreign customers to join our group, to provide our customers with one-stop service!Bo Siwei will continue to provide high-quality LED lighting solutions for the vast number of consumers, and make unremitting efforts to become the leading brand of Chinas lighting industry.

Contact info:
Chairman:Changnian Wan
Tel:0514-84230418   84231418  
Address: Lingtang Industrial park,the northern suburb of Gaoyou, Yangzhou city of Jiangsu province. (Youtian Road and new Yang Ling Road at the junction)


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Address: No. 1 sales hotline, Yang Ling Road, Beijiao Town, Yangzhou, China: 0514-84230418 84231418   Fax:0514-84238418
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